Backyard Tent Wedding Receptions May 04 2014, 0 Comments

A backyard tent wedding reception creates some amazing settings and we have been providing the rentals for quite a few lately. Take a peek a some of the pictures from these backyard tent weddings.

1. Joanna & Adam's Wedding

Shown Above: black and white dance floor, white benches, and stage


Shown Above: 40x85 frame tent

 Shown Above: High Peak 20x20 tents 

 Shown Above: white wood chairs

2. Brandy & Tripp's Wedding

Shown Above: American Plank dance floor & tall cocktail tables


Shown Above: 40 x 80 pole tent

3.  Heather & Quentin's Wedding


Shown Above: 40 x 85 frame tent, white padded chairs, 60 inch round tables, and rectangular tables